Memorial Bahçelievler Hastanesi

  • The hospital provides service with 320 beds, 15 operating rooms and 49 intensive care units.
  • Under the leadership of Memorial's experienced project team; "Art" is one of the main themes of Memorial Bahçelievler, which was created by renowned consultants in acoustics, landscape, lighting and design.
  • The World's First Leed Platinum Certificate in the Health Sector
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A World Hospital in the Center of Istanbul... Superior technology, distinguished academic staff, patient-oriented service approach, green and healing power of art, modern architectural designs… Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, one of the most comprehensive health complexes in the world, brings a brand new understanding to the health sector. Memorial Bahçelievler, which was implemented with the mission of providing ethical and quality health services at world standards, the hospital approach that carries the future to the present, and the principle of respect for human and nature, was designed as one of the most beautiful examples of contemporary architecture. Memorial Bahçelievler, the 11th hospital project of the Memorial Health Group, provides service on a total area of ​​72 thousand square meters. The hospital has 8 thousand square meters of green space. Equipped with advanced diagnosis and treatment units, the hospital has a bed capacity of 320 and has a total of 15 operating rooms, one of which is hybrid, and 49 intensive care beds, 135 outpatient clinics and 31 observation rooms. Bahçelievler Hospital, where Memorial Health Group conveys all its experiences in the field of hospital; It will contribute to the physical and psychological healing process of the patient with its superior technological equipment, academic staff who have achieved significant success in national and international platforms and specialized in special branches, specialist doctors, experience and conscious care; It provides service to patients and their relatives in a warm environment with its compassionate and friendly staff of nurses, patient care personnel and all healthcare professionals. FEATURED CLINIC AND SERVICES Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital; offers its patients specialty treatments and surgeries, as well as branch services that are divided into areas of specialization. TECHNOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURE AT INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS Technological infrastructure of Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital; Elekta Versa HD SIGNATURE, one of the most advanced systems in cancer treatment, consists of robotic surgery, radiological imaging systems (MR, CT, Pet-CT, gamma camera, X-ray, mammography, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, echocardiography and angiography) that offer comfort and privileges to the patient. ) is formed. 3 Tesla MR technology, which is one of the radiological imaging systems, stands out with its quality and reliable results. With high-tech dual energy CT, all parts of the body can be scanned in seconds. With Pet-CT technology, which has a very important place in the diagnosis, staging and correct treatment plan of cancer, the patient is offered imaging with the lowest dose of radioactive material. The da Vinci robotic surgery, which is used especially in urology, kidney transplantation, gynecology and general surgery surgeries, allows a comfortable operation process for both the patient and the surgeon by taking 3D images. In bright patient rooms in intensive care units; Patient lift technology, which enables the mobilization of unconscious patients with no movement function, is used for the first time in Turkey, each of which is fixed inside the room. Spacious living spaces created by considering hygienic conditions for doctors and employees draw attention in the areas where there are operating rooms designed with a functional structure and advanced technology. THE WORLD'S FIRST FULLY EQUIPPED HOSPITAL WITH LEED PLATINUM CERTIFICATE Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital won the “LEED Platinum”, the most prestigious high-rise green building certificate given to leading institutions in energy and environmentally friendly design. Memorial Bahçelievler has achieved another first among fully equipped hospitals in the world and in Turkey, which means the highest rating among the certification programs carried out by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council). GREEN HOSPITAL CONCEPT The interior and exterior spaces of Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, which was built with an environmentally sensitive approach, were designed considering the positive effects of green spaces on human health and psychology. Live plants that will keep all seasons alive and carry the life cycle and biorhythm to the hospital; makes patients and their relatives and employees feel in nature. The landscaping, in which non-allergic natural plants are preferred, adds an aesthetic appearance to the city's architecture. Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital was built according to criteria such as environmental awareness, energy efficiency, waste management, sustainable space planning and indoor environment quality. ATTRACTION CENTER FOR FOREIGN PATIENTS Memorial Bahçelievler, the 11th hospital of the Memorial Health Group, which accepts patients from 92 countries of the world, is also of great importance for foreign patients with its departments that are reference centers in international areas.



The U.S. Green Building Council Leed Platinum