• aesthetic smile design
    What is Aesthetic Smile Design? | Gotocure | Dental
    Smiling, laughing reflects the mood of the person, as well as the state of health. A beautiful smile is everyone’s right. For this reason, smile aesthetics are designed according to the person and His\Her needs. We have compiled information about smile design for you.   What is...
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  • bonding-price-gotocure
    What is Bonding? | Dental Treatments | Gotocure
    What is Bonding? Minor tooth damage is important for both smile aesthetics and oral health of the person. These tooth damages need to be treated. If you also have minor problems such as tooth breakage or separation between teeth, the bonding application is just for you. You...
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  • what is lasik
    What is Lasik? | Eye Treatments Turkey | Gotocure
    What is Lasik? Lasik treatment is the healing operation of the eye horn. Lasik treatment is an operation to improve the vision by applying “Excimer laser” to the lower part of the cornea by removing a thin layer from the front of the cornea without a blade,...
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  • Curiosity About Liposuction | Plastic Surgery Turkey | Gotocure
    Curiosity About Liposuction | Plastic Surgery Turkey | Gotocure
    Curiosity About Liposuction The point to be noted about liposuction is that this treatment method is not a weight loss surgery, it is only a body correction operation/surgery. We have compiled information about liposuction treatment for you. We wish you healthy reading. What is Liposuction? Liposuction can...
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  • Hollywood Aesthetics | Plastic Turkey | Gotocure
    Hollywood Aesthetics | Plastic Turkey | Gotocure
      What is Hollywood Aesthetics? Bichectomy (Hollywood aesthetics) can be briefly defined as Buccal fat extraction. Bichectomia (Hollywood aesthetics) operation is applied to give a sharp appearance to the facial features. It is often described as the “Hollywood cheek”. In this operation, the result is reached by...
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  • breath-aesthetics
    Types of Breast Aesthetics
    What is Breast Aesthetics? Today, it is among the most preferred and widely used aesthetic surgery operations thanks to advanced technologies. Changes may occur in the texture of the breast tissue due to birth, breastfeeding, aging, or developmental disorders. There may be deformation in breast tissues due...
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  • How is hair transplantation applied? | Gotocure
    How is hair transplantation applied? | Gotocure
    How to do hair transplantation? What are the methods? Approximately 53% of hair transplantation treatments are applied in Turkey. That’s why we have compiled information about hair transplant treatment for you. We wish you healthy reading.   What is Hair Transplantation? There are many reasons for hair...
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  • plastic-surgery-gotocure
    2021 Aesthetic – Plastic Surgery Trends
    Some of our habits changed in 2020. Therewithal, the events we experienced affected us both physically and psychologically. 2020 also caused us to change aesthetically. That’s why we have compiled plastic surgery – asthetic options that will be popular throughout the year 2021. Breast Aesthetics   Breast...
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  • bonding-price-gotocure
    What You Should Do for a Beautiful Smile?
      Smiling is the most beautiful act of a person. In this article, we will collect what needs to be done to make your smile beautiful. Apart from brushing teeth and using dental floss for dental health, there are also various operations. Below are the operations that...
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  • eye-care-gotocure
    Cholesterol and Eye Health
      Cholesterol is a substance found in the body like fats and affecting the body.  And over a certain amount harms the body. Cholesterol can be the harbinger of many diseases. High cholesterol is a factor that can affect your eye health. Causes of Cholesterol   The...
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  • beard-care-gotocure
    Beard Care Routine
      For a man, a beard is a very important aesthetic element. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to beard care. If your beard spills or does not grow, you can use a beard transplant. You need to pay attention to beard care, whether it is...
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  • tummy-tuck-gotocure
    Tummy Tuck or Liposuction?
    During 2020, we may have lost ourselves to overeating and gained weight, but there is a solution! If you think you are gaining weight and do not know which operation to have, you are in the right place. Although tummy tuck and liposuction operations may seem the...
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  • dental-health-gotocure
    Benefits of Braces
    Braces are generally thought to be a preferred method for people entering the age of puberty. However, the number of adults who do this practice is quite high. People often choose to wear braces because of its physical benefits. Braces provide both psychological and physical benefits in...
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  • hair-loss-gotocure
    Why Is My Hair Falling Out?
    Hair loss (alopecia) can be a temporary or permanent problem. Generally, all or part of the hair may be lost in this problem, which is more common in men. In some cases, it is seen that hair loss and beard loss coexist. Some of the situations we...
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  • loose-skin-gotocure
    Getting Rid of Loose Skin After Losing Weight
    We have entered to new year and new targets have been set; I will lose weight! While this is a classic goal, we hope you have successfully lost weight this year. Losing weight in a healthy way is a difficult process and it is difficult to maintain...
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