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Istanbul History Tour: Balat Tour
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Discover Balat, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul, with its historical monuments and culture.

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Küçük Gurup
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Hızlı Onay
Tur rehberi
İngilizce, Almanca

Yer Ayırt
Aktivite Özelikleri
  • Rezzan Has Museum
  • Historical Cibali Gate and Cibali Police Station
  • Gül Mosque
  • Aya Nikola Church
  • Fener Greek Patriarchate Hagia Yorgi Church
  • Fener Greek High School
  • Mesnevihane
  • Saint Mary's Church
  • Yovakimian School
  • Surp Hraştagabed Armenian Church
  • Ferruh Kethüda Mosque
  • Hz. Cabir Mosque
  • Blaherna Agiasma
Tam Açıklama

We start our trip by meeting our guests at the Haliç Metro bus stops at 09:00.

We will start our tour with Rezzan Has Museum in Kadir Has University, also known as the old tobacco warehouse.

Our walk in the streets of Cibali will begin when we see this building transformed from an old industrial establishment into a qualified educational institution with a comprehensive restoration.

We will see the historical Cibali Gate and Cibali Police Station and move on to the Gül Mosque.

While it was one of the magnificent churches of Byzantium, this building, which was converted into a mosque after the conquest, will surprise you especially with its interior decorations.

Footapi Santa Claus (Aya Nikola) Church is our next stop. Here, we will hear the story of Saint Nicholas of Demre, who is known to be one of the most important saints of the Christian world and to bring gifts to non-Christians and to help those who are in trouble.

Our next stop from here will be the Fener Greek Patriarchate Aya Yorgi Church.

You will be interested in the religious and political story of the Patriarchate, the center of world Orthodoxy.

After visiting the Patriarchate, we will visit the Church of Saint Mary of the Mongols, which will impress us with its sad story and interesting architecture, after seeing the ruins of Kantemiroğlu Palace, Sancaktar slope, Fener Greek High School (Red School) and Mesnevihane.

After seeing the Yovakimyan School, our direction will be Balat.

You will have the chance to see and photograph interesting architectural examples during our walk in the streets of Old Balat.

We will see the Çana, Yanbol and Ahrida Synagogues from outside and listen to their stories in Balat, where people mainly belonging to the Jewish community lived in ancient Istanbul.

Later, we see the Bulgarian Church, Surp Hrastagabed Armenian Church and Ferruh Kethüda Mosque and move on to Ayvansaray, the last district of our trip.

Here, after seeing the Hz. Cabir Mosque and visiting Blaherna, which is accepted as one of the most important holy springs of the Greeks in the world, known all over the world for its miraculous icon of Virgin Mary (Panagia Blaherna), our tour ends after a full walk where we will discover the examples of civil and religious architecture and the street texture of Istanbul. (We will have to see some structures from the outside.)

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Our tours are carried out with a maximum of 8 people with 16-person tourism certified vehicles. The necessary disinfectant procedures of our vehicles are carried out regularly and disinfectants are kept in the vehicles during the tour. The facilities/suppliers to be used during the tour have certification in line with the security measures taken by the relevant ministries. In our tours, our guests are given a personalized health kit (mask, gloves and disinfectant). The fire meter will be at our fingertips throughout the tour. 



Our trip is day-to-day and there is no hotel accommodation. Our guide can make changes to the course of the program provided that it is fully performing the program. Our guide can make changes to the course of the program provided that it is fully performing the program. Child discounts are applied with two adults. It's used for one child. Our tours are not considered separately with the hotel, in-region transportation, tour program and guidance services. Please note that children aged 0-6 years may not be provided with a bed during hotel stay. Unused transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, etc. are non-refundable during the tour. Apart from the information you will receive from our office regarding the tour you will be involved in, it is your responsibility to evaluate whether this tour is for you and to read the tour schedule.

The tour agency that cannot be visited despite the force majeure (weather, road, density in places, etc.) or our tour program, which is written by our guests not to comply with the timings, is absolutely not responsible.

The museum to be visited does not have any legal obligation in the event of private or municipal enterprises in case of private or force majeure. Changes can be made provided that they are in the same standards. The tour agency is not responsible for tours that cannot be made due to bad weather before and during the tour. The minimum number of participants for the movement of this tour is set to be 6. If the majority is not sufficient, the agency reserves the right to cancel the tour with 20 days notice.

In case of cancellation of the tour, the agency must personally notify the cancellation. There is no right to compensation for breaching legal process. The agency, which prevents force majeure, does not cancel the tour if the relevant tour cannot reach sufficient numbers. In case of cancellation of, only the tour fee will be refunded. Prepayment is minimum 35% of the reservation price at the time of registration. Movement estimation of the tour The remaining tour cost of the 7 days must be completed. Excluding VAT.

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