Aesthetic Smile Design

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Aesthetic Smile Design

Smiling .. Smiling has a direct connection with psychology and human relations. Everyone wants to have positive people in their circle of friends who transfer their energy. For example, you will go on a journey, you have two friends who can join you; one of them is constantly sullen, pessimistic, the other is constantly positive, one who can stay positive in the face of negativities, and most importantly, smiling. Which one would you like to travel with? Smiling is always better ..

Also, the smile with aesthetic and white teeth is better .. It helps you a lot in your life .. It brings you forward in your relationships both in your business life and social life ..

What is Aesthetic Smile Design?

Aesthetic smile design can be defined as a systematic process that creates changes in the hard and soft mouth tissue to enhance the person's smile. Face, plays an important role in human life because it is the most easily recognized physical property of the people. People say your face looks familiar or I couldn't recognized the visage. That is why many people's social acceptance and self-esteem are negatively affected when they dislike their smiles.

With the development of technology, we hear more about the concept of Aesthetic Dentistry. Aesthetic smile design; It is to give the teeth a natural appearance suitable for the facial features and needs of the people. The natural appearance of the teeth is lost for various reasons. Personalized and appropriate smile is designed by using many disciplines such as tooth whitening, composite bonding, tooth coatings, bonding, etc.

By the way, not only teeth but also gums are very important in smile design.
An ideal smile can be achieved by creating an imaginary line with teeth that reflect the mouth line. Depending on how your teeth are placed, whether you have tooth loss and your expectations, a dentist will come up with the ideal treatment plan to beautify your smile.

How to Make a Smile Design?

Before designing the patient's smile, it is important for the Dentist to understand the patient's needs and expectations correctly. After the agreement of expectation is reached, the patient's measurements are taken, photographs for the mouth are taken, face photographs are taken and modeled in a computer environment. Finally, the patient is shown approximately what kind of smile he will have after the treatment. After the patient's approval, planned treatments are started.

What to Do During Smile Design?

Aesthetic smile design treatment can be applied to create harmony and balance between teeth.
It is possible to correct misaligned and crooked teeth with smile design procedures.
If there is a missing tooth, this deficiency can be overcome with dental implants, bridges or partial dentures as part of the aesthetic smile design procedure. Smile lines, tooth ratio, tooth length and texture can also be corrected during aesthetic procedures.

What is the Golden Ratio?

It is assumed that Da Vinci used it in his works. It is the ratio expressed with the number of phi (= 1.618…) used in architecture and design. This ratio is taken into account in smile design, such as the ratio of incisors to side teeth.

Types of Aesthetic Smile Design Procedures

In fact, all dental treatments are a part of aesthetic smile design. If you have a missing tooth, an aesthetic smile will not occur until that deficiency is completed. Or if you have healthy teeth, but there is discoloration in the teeth, this color change should be removed to have an aesthetic smile.

If we look at the reasons loosing of dental aesthetics;

  • There may be missing teeth; This deficiency is completed with implant treatment and bridge.

  • There may be dimensional difference in teeth; The ideal smile size is achieved with treatments such as coatings and bonding.

  • There may be changes in the color of the teeth; teeth whitening is done.

  • The visibility and size of the gums may not appear aesthetic. In this case, the ideal size can be reached with the laser.

  • Teeth may be crooked. In this case, orthodontic treatment is planned and followed.

Depending on your smile design procedure, the process can be completed in a few sessions or it may take longer. When orthodontic procedures are applied, the duration of the procedure may take up to one or two years. Except for tooth whitening and other simple procedures, most operations are performed under local anesthesia. Recovery time also depends on the treatment you receive.


There are many elements that unite your designed smile, but the two most important elements are your teeth and gums. It is very important to take care of your individual oral and dental health care. It is also very important to visit your dentist periodically for your oral care. You can use it for many years when you take care of your oral and dental care.

A natural and aesthetic appearance is aimed in the results of all dental applications.

The aesthetic smile design process is completed in 4-7 days if the patient does not have missing teeth, if there are no problems such as inflammation and wounds in the gums. However, if there are missing teeth, first of all, after their completion, it is necessary to switch to an aesthetic appearance. The purpose of aesthetic smile design is to ensure that the patient has healthy teeth as well as aesthetically looking teeth.

Teeth are the showcase of man. When you meet someone, you first look at their eyes and teeth. The most important benefit that you will add to your life is that you will be able to move more comfortably with aesthetic smile design, natural color and teeth aligned according to your facial structure. In addition to this comfort, you will feel the following benefits;

  • Tooth appearance in parallel with the patient's expectation becomes ideal.
  • There may be changes in social life with increased self-confidence and aesthetic appearance.
  • The teeth look aesthetically beautiful, and their health is also preserved.
  • The lack of self-confidence caused by his teeth disappears.
  • Patients no longer have to cover their mouth while smiling, and can experience the comfort of showing their smile without hesitation.

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