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Alemdağ Street, Sezer Sk. No:3/5, 34768 Umraniye/Istanbul, Turkey ÜMRANİYE/İSTANBUL

Erdem Group has been successfully serving in the health and education sector since 1988. Erdem Group has three hospitals, two dialysis centers, a medical center and an oral and dental health center.

In 1988, it started to serve in the health sector for the first time. The hospital, which was rebuilt in the same place in 2003, today continues to provide health services to its patients with 500 employees.

Çamlıca Dialysis Center in May 2009 and Çamlıca Erdem Hospital in October 2009 were put into service of humanity. Çamlıca Erdem Hospital provides service with 39 physicians in 23 branches with a bed capacity of 77.

In 2015, he opened Güneşli Erdem Hospital on the European side. It offers a comfortable environment for patients and their attendants with patient rooms and suites designed according to the needs of each patient.

Op. Dr. Nejat Rustamov
Birimi: Plastik Cerrahi
Deneyimleri: 10 years
Mezuniyeti: Azerbaycan Medical University / 2010
Op. Dr. Tamer Taş
Birimi: Plastik Cerrahi
Deneyimleri: 33 years
Mezuniyeti: Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine
Dt. Emine Gülay Atalay Türe
Birimi: Diş Tedavileri
Deneyimleri: 7 years
Mezuniyeti: Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry
Dt. Uğur Çetin
Birimi: Diş Tedavileri
Deneyimleri: 5 years
Mezuniyeti: Karadeniz Technical University - Dentistry

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