Memorial Ataşehir Hastanesi

İSTANBUL / Ataşehir

The hospital's campus, built on an area of 22 thousand square meters, has a bed capacity of 144.
Memorial Ataşehir Hospital has a success above the world average in Liver and Kidney Transplant surgeries.
Memorial IVF services, which are accepted as a reference in many countries of the world, are offered.

Memorial Ataşehir Hospital, which was put into service in 2010, was designed with all the details in mind to make patients feel special and safe with its modern architecture, advanced technology devices, comfortable patient rooms and polyclinics. Memorial Ataşehir Hospital, which provides service at international health standards with its modern infrastructure and superior medical technology, has a 144 bed capacity on its campus built on an area of ​​22 thousand m2 on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Memorial Ataşehir Hospital offers a distinctive health approach with its MR and IT rooms prepared with ambient technology so that patients feel comfortable during radiological examinations. The hospital, which provides services in all branches, especially in Cardiovascular Surgery, Organ Transplantation, Medical Oncology, da Vinci Robotic Surgery and IVF, Coronary Intensive Care, General Intensive Care, CVC Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Coronary Angio, Angio service and It provides diagnosis and treatment services at the most advanced level of technology with its fully equipped operating rooms. Memorial Ataşehir Hospital makes you feel the value it gives to people in every aspect of the health services it offers. All diagnosis and treatment services in the hospital are offered with a multidisciplinary approach. The IVF Center of Memorial Ataşehir Hospital, which has a success above the world average in liver and kidney transplant surgeries performed at the Organ Transplantation Center, serves as the IVF treatment base of Memorial Health Group on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. In the Department of Medical Oncology; Services are offered at all stages of cancer diagnosis and treatment processes. With the modern treatment methods applied in Ataşehir, the fight against cancer is carried out in the most effective way. Memorial Ataşehir Hospital; With its experienced physician staff, friendly staff, superior infrastructure and technical equipment that make people feel peaceful and safe, it offers health services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Eye treatments

-Refractive Surgery

-Phakic Lens Treatment

-Smile Laser-RELEX


Obesity Surgery

-Stomach Botox

-Stomach Balloon

-Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before/after photos of
successful surgeries performed in the hospital