Bahçelievler Özel Nisa Hastanesi


Since 1994; Nisa Hospital has been serving in all branches since 1994, with its strong health staff and the most advanced equipment in medical technology. Applying the system and management approach brought by the 21st century; restructured with the aim of reaching higher quality service, more satisfied patients, happier healthcare workers; closely following new knowledge and applications in medical science; Nisa Hospital, which incorporates the latest developments of modern technology, has always carried its success rate up as one of the first private hospitals opened in Istanbul. The most important goal of Nisa Hospital employees, who dedicate themselves to health; It is to serve patients and their relatives without leaving the principles of warmth, care, compassion, honesty and quality that constitute the essence of the "Nisa Hospital" culture. This understanding of service has brought Nisa Hospital to the fore in the region it is located in, and has made it an institution that provides good service not only in Turkey but also in a significant part of its geography. With the support of its patients and friends, Nisa Hospital's goals will gradually grow and its service circle will expand day by day. Nisa Hospital, the smiling face of health care...

Obesity Surgery

-Gastric Sleeve Surgery

-Stomach Botox

-Stomach Balloon

Before/after photos of
successful surgeries performed in the hospital