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FROM ASKLEPION TO MY NOVA We get our power to distribute healing from the geography we are in! Bergama District of İzmir and its surroundings, which are located within the borders of the Republic of Turkey today, hosted the first institutional health centers in the history of humanity. This geography, which is famous as "the place where death is forbidden to enter", has generously presented its heritage to every civilization that has come upon it, and has matured in health with the blessings of modern medicine. As My Nova Dental Clinic, we aim to carry this legacy to the future like a constantly shining star; We have aimed to present the ancient knowledge of the past to all humanity by applying all the opportunities that the modern age gives us in terms of Oral and Dental Health at world standards. My Nova Dental Clinic, with an average experience of more than 20 years, Dr. Omer Sarac, Dr. Eda Cesit and Dr. It was founded by Erisa Olkun. It continues its services with two clinics that center health tourism in İzmir, one of the largest cities in Turkey, and Kuşadası, one of the country's most important holiday destinations. Treatments: In our clinic, advanced implant treatments, bone graft and sinus lifting operations, block bone transfers (box technique) are performed by our oral and maxillofacial surgeons; All branches of aesthetic dentistry, emax, lamina, zirconium, porcelain veneers and all prosthetic treatments are performed by our prosthesis specialists; Root canal treatments, which ensure that the teeth are protected without pulling out and without the need for any prosthesis, are performed by our endodontists; In addition to all orthodontic treatments, invisalign treatments and orthoginotic surgeries that allow correction of crowding with a single examination are performed by our orthodontic specialists; Gingival diseases, gingival recessions, gingival bleeding, prevention of gingival tooth loss are treated by our periodontology specialists; Conservative treatments are carried out by our experienced physicians.

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