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We offered luxurious and affordable prices for all dental treatments, do not hesitate to contact us ! HOLLYWOOD SMILES Before placing your Hollywood Smile, there will be a treatment period. This period is essential to make sure your Hollywood Smile is placed on a healthy dental structure. To examine your mouth thoroughly your dentist will use x-rays. If inflammation, gum disease, or cavities are present, your dentist will deal with them first. In your next visit, your dentist will file down your teeth if necessary. This aspect depends on your choice of Hollywood Smile. For example, with Lumineers, this step isn’t necessary. Following this, your dentist will have your bite down on mold to get impressions of your mouth. They will also color match your Hollywood smile and send this information to an off-site laboratory. In a few days, you’ll get your custom-built Hollywood Smile and your dentist will cement the structures into place. HOLLYWOOD SMILES RESULTS The results of the Hollywood Smile procedure are instantaneous. The smile transformation will be drastic and at DENTDOGA completely unique to you. The lifespan of Hollywood Smile is around 15 years with good aftercare. VENEERS Veneers are porcelain films with a thickness that varies between 0.5 mm to 2 mm. They are fitted on the front part of the tooth to cover all defects. Because veneers are relatively thick, your dentist will have to file down your enamel to make room for the veneer. Porcelain is an element that behaves exactly like natural teeth with decent durability and strength. It can give the smile an authentic appeal due to its ability to be color-matched. ZIRKONIUM Veneers made from zirconium have chemical traits similar to titanium. Their durability and strength are unparalleled and so is their light transmission. Zirconium veneers are unique in the way they reflect light which allows them to provide very natural results. Depending on the thickness of your zirconium veneers, your doctor may or may not file down your enamel.

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