Özel Esentepe Hastanesi

BURSA / Nilüfer

Esentepe hospital located in Bursa, one of the biggest cities of Turkey.
It is fully equipped and has high technology.
1.5 hours away from Istanbul

Private Esentepe Hospital; Starting with the principle of Patient Satisfaction; It is progressing confidently with its expert physician staff, friendly employees, quality health service, constantly renewed technology and future-oriented investments. Private Esentepe Hospital provides its patients with high-level health services with its polyclinic services, radiology unit, laboratory unit, fully equipped operating rooms, emergency observation beds and check-up services. our vision To be recognized as a health center that takes the leading role in delivering quality and reliable health services to the wider community; Our Mission To provide quality health services, in line with quality targets, in the light of the latest innovations in the field of medicine, without compromising medical ethical principles, and respecting patient rights, within the understanding of social responsibility. Our quality policy To comply with the requirements of the quality management system and to continuously improve and develop its effectiveness. To provide high-level health services with professional staff. To be a pioneer in the field of health by using modern technology, to work without compromising scientific, conscientious and ethical principles. To provide reliable, modern, economical, fast and quality health services. To meet the needs and expectations of patients and their relatives who apply to our hospital. Considering employee satisfaction. It is to create conditions that can be preferred by employees and patients. Our Service Policy To be the best health center of the future by combining all the activities that can be done in order to provide quality health service to patients from all parts of the society in the best way and to keep patient satisfaction at the maximum level. Within the framework of our human resources policy created to realize our goals, to recruit qualified manpower, to ensure employee satisfaction, to support personal development with continuous training, to provide quality health services by combining our technological infrastructure with knowledge, reliability and friendliness.

Hair Treatments

-DHI Technique

-Hair Transplantation

Plastic surgery

-Burun Estetiği


Obesity Surgeries

-Mide Bypass

-Stomach Balloon

-Stomach Sleeve Surgery

-Stomach Botox

Dental Treatments

-Aesthetic Smile Design

-Tooth Crystal


Eye treatments


Op. Dr. Necip Cihan Hasçiçek
Op. Dr. Necip Cihan Hasçiçek
Op. Dr. İlhan Aydın
Op. Dr. Mete Şişman

Before/after photos of
successful surgeries performed in the hospital