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About Kosuyolu Medipol Hospital Istanbul Medipol Hospital was found as the last addition to a golden chain which is known for its dedication to health industry since 1987, proving successful by providing services and expertise all over Turkey. Health services offered in many centers of Turkey and Istanbul since 1987 reached wider areas after the foundation of Istanbul Medipol Hospital in 1996. Where are we? Our hospital is located on the Ankara-Harem way in Kadikoy Kosuyolu, right next to E-5 highway and Kosuyolu Bridge. All four sides of the hospital, which is easy to reach, are overlooking the road. It is located at a point of strategic importance. Who are we? Combining its modern architectural structure with a closed area of approximately 6,500 m2; Istanbul Medipol Hospital, provides advanced medical technology and expert health staff. It is one of the leading private health institutions of Anatolian side of Istanbul with its 33 clinics, 20 intensive care beds, 6 operating rooms, luxurious patient rooms, green garden, and spacious parking space. Our clinics... Istanbul Medipol Hospital has technological equipment and expert staff that can safely provide all kinds of outpatient and inpatient medical services. Emergency Service, 365 days 24 hours There are central oxygen and nitrous oxide installations in our Emergency Service, which has grown gradually after the latest innovations with 2 Surgical Intervention rooms, 2 Emergency Intervention rooms, Dressing, Plaster, Injection, and 11-bed Observation departments. In our Emergency Service where all optimum conditions are provided; all kinds of emergency interventions related to any injury, burns, fainting, bleeding, fever, respiratory distress, heart attack, poisoning are performed. When necessary, surgeries are performed quickly by our full-fledged emergency team. Our modern, medically equipped Operating Rooms All kinds of surgeries, including microscopic, endoscopic, arthroscopic, and laparoscopic surgeries, are performed successfully in our hospital's 6 operating rooms with excellent medical equipment. In our modern equipped operating rooms where the latest technology is used; pediatric surgery, general surgery, gynecology, urology, orthopedics, ENT, neurosurgery, plastic surgery operations are performed successfully. Our Delivery Room In our Delivery Room, which is equipped similarly as our operating rooms, our expert and experienced team consisting of all women provides service in a warm and safe environment. Our unit is equipped with all the benefits of modern medicine such as modern delivery and labor rooms, doppler and cardiotocograph, ultrasonography. Painless delivery (epidural anesthesia, etc.), cesarean section and all surgeries can be performed.

Plastic surgery

-Burun Estetiği

Obesity Surgeries

-Stomach Balloon

-Mide Bypass

-Stomach Botox

-Stomach Sleeve Surgery

Eye treatments


-Refractive Surgery

Obesity Surgery

-Stomach Balloon

-Gastric Sleeve Surgery

-Stomach Botox

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