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As Private Ensar Hospital; We prioritize the health of our patients above all else. To increase the quality of life and to provide health services in the best way to give a feeling of security and peace to patients and their relatives. Based on contemporary values, scientific principles, knowledge, professional ethics and international service quality standards; The most important mission of Private Ensar Hospital is to become a health care institution that fulfills its social responsibility by using scientific knowledge in a pioneering and innovative way to illuminate and solve the health problems of the society. The basic principle of Private Ensar Hospital, which is based on "patient and patient satisfaction" and "patient rights" in all its services, is always: "People first, health first!" has been.” Private Ensar Hospital employees are conscious of serving patients and their relatives, without leaving the principles of honesty, trust and friendliness that constitute the essence of health culture. In line with this purpose, Private Ensar Hospital has assumed the leading role in order to be the institution that provides the highest quality service in its region. This leading role is organized not only in Istanbul and Turkey, but also in the international arena, in the triangle of medical staff-technological equipment-technical infrastructure that can meet the health care needs of especially the Middle East, Eastern Europe and neighboring countries. The aim of Private Ensar Hospital is to be the best at what it does and to make the society and people it serves healthier. Private Ensar Hospital always improves its service quality in line with this purpose. Private Ensar Hospital continues on its way with great strides in preventive and curative health services in order to increase the quality of life of the society.

Eye treatments


-Phakic Lens Treatment



Obesity Surgery

-Stomach Botox

-Stomach Balloon

-Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ender Özer

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