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As an old and long-established institution of healthcare sector, Central Hospital offers world class healthcare services with advanced medical technology to the patients visiting from abroad… Perfection of healthcare service offered, comfortable environment where they feel at home and good humored personnel are the most important facts explaining why patients all around the world prefer us… Literally offering boutique healthcare service, Central Hospital is at your service 7/24 with its experienced doctors and healthcare personnel. Why Central Hospital? The number of international patients coming for treatment to Turkey is increasing every year. Many patients are trying to find the best treatment at economical prices. The goal of Central Hospital is to provide high quality and the best services in affordable rates to our patients. It will make us preferential healthcare provider for overseas patients seeking the best care at economical prices.  OUR MISSION To offer ethical, affordable and patient-focused health service with attentive, genial personnel. OUR VISION To be a reference healthcare institution offering high-quality health service We are proud to present you the best possible healthcare services by using advanced medical technologies, thanks to our in-house expert and experienced staff, ready to meet all kinds of healthcare needs. OUR QUALITY POLICY - Adopting continuous development for high quality, reliable and modern patient care service - Aiming to be a reliable and a reference hospital in this line of business all around the country - Trying to meet customer expectations at the highest level with its directors and personnel - Leading the healthcare sector with well-trained and expert staff - Taking into consideration the potential contributions of suppliers - Becoming an institution working consciously with continuous training

Hair Treatments

-PRP Treatment

-Eyebrow Transplantation


-Hair Transplantation

Plastic surgery

-Butt Reduction

-Genital aesthetics

-Almond Eye Aesthetics


Dental Treatments

-Transparent Plaque Treatment

-Aesthetic Smile Design

-Implant Treatment

Obesity Surgery

-Gastric Sleeve Surgery

-Stomach Botox

-Stomach Balloon

Before/after photos of
successful surgeries performed in the hospital