Smiling, laughing reflects the mood of the person, as well as the state of health. A beautiful smile is everyone’s right. For this reason, smile aesthetics are designed according to the person and His\Her needs. We have compiled information about smile design for you.


What is Aesthetic Smile Design?

There may be health disorders that may occur in the mouth for many reasons. The damages that occur in this mouth are not aesthetic and prevent people from smiling and being able to smile. At this point, smile design is used to recreate the smile of people. There are many methods of smile aesthetics. These methods are as follows;

  • Teeth whitening,
  • Bonding application,
  • Porcelain laminated veneer,
  • Zirconium,
  • Orthodontic treatment,
  • Pink aesthetic application,
  • Treatments such as implant dental treatment are the methods used when designing a smile.

With these methods, the person’s smile design is made with the treatments applied to the teeth or gums of the person. While designing the smile, other problems in the mouth are eliminated, and the smile of the person is made aesthetically pleasing. There are rules to consider when designing a smile. These rules are as follows;

· the treatments are determined according to the patient’s complaints and the patient’s satisfaction.

· Analyzing the face shape of the person is another important point. In line with these analyzes, a new smile design should be made for the patient.

How to Smile Design?

The smile design should be made as a design that is compatible with the facial features, taking into account the personal, natural appearance. The following points are the points to be considered while designing the smile;

· Teeth alignment,

· Teeth lengths

Health and condition of the gums,

· Tooth color,

· The gender of the person,

· Age of the person,

The harmony of teeth and lips with each other,

Most importantly, the harmony of all these points with each other

These are situations that need attention and analysis. It is also important to consider the patient’s expectations from smile aesthetics during the smile design process. According to the patient’s wishes and demands, taking the size of the teeth, examining the health status of the gums, planning, and designs should be made in this direction. If there is no orthodontic treatment process, the size of the gums is equalized first and then the missing tooth is treated. All this is carried out according to the needs and demands of the patients.

In Which Situations Is Smile Design Done?

Smile design is important not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of spiritual, oral, and gingival health. Smile aesthetics can be applied to regulate tooth shape, tooth size, tooth alignment, gingival health, and closure of the jaw. The situations where smile design can be done are as follows;

Lack of teeth,

Irregularities in the order of teeth,

Spaces between teeth,

Gum diseases,

The unequal length of the teeth,

· In dark tooth colors,

Tooth and gingival incompatibilities,

The patient is not satisfied with his smile,

The presence of rotten teeth,

in such situations, a smile design can be done. But first, these situations need to be analyzed by dentists.

What are the Applications for Smile Design?

There are many methods to make a smile design. When choosing these applications, a doctor’s examination is required. When choosing smile aesthetic treatment methods, the dentist should pay attention to patient needs, patient demands, and the patient’s mouth and face compatibility. Smile design applications should be decided by the patient and the doctor according to gender, age, and face shape. The treatments for smile design are as follows;

Pink aesthetics, also known as gingival aesthetics,

· White aesthetic. This type of application is also divided into different areas within itself. These areas are;

– Inlay Composite (Aesthetic Composite),

– Onlay Fillers (Ceramic Fillings),

– Zirconium Crown,

– Full Ceramic Crown (E-max applications),

– Leaf porcelain (Lamina Porcelain Coating),

      Teeth whitening

– Dimensioned Tooth Design Applications

– Orthodontic Treatment,

-Dental implant Treatment

Applications such as these are the preferred treatments for smile design.

What are the Cost of Smile Design Application?

Smile design cost vary according to the institutions where you have smile design, also known as smile aesthetics, application. In other words, the application of smile aesthetics is charged differently in private practice and different in dental hospitals. Smile design application varies according to the methods to be applied, the number of teeth to be applied, the type of material to be used and other problems in the mouth. Your dentist will inform you of the exact price.

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