ILASIK Eye Treatment

Plastic surgery is a treatment method that is used in the treatment of eye defects such as hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism and is completely computer-controlled, with the latest technological system and personalized treatment. In this article, we have compiled information about drug therapy, we wish you a healthy reading!

What is Ilasik?

ILASIK is defined as the most innovative application applied in the removal of visual defects today. ILASIK treatment is applied individually with all its processes. The name ILASIK comes from the definition of INTRA-LASE. It is used in the treatment of visual defects such as ILASIK, hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. These vision correction treatments are applied together with EXCIMER LASER. ILASIK is a personalized eye diseases treatment method with the use of bladeless laser, wavefront, and eye recognition technologies. In this treatment; First, some tests are applied to determine the state and character of the vision. Three-dimensional photography of the visual system is made with Wavescan. As the last step, the treatment is applied using the information obtained with the personalized advanced customize process. No knife is used while applying this treatment and thus no cuts are formed. This treatment method is applied with laser beams.

What are the Advantages of ILASIK Treatment?

It is quite possible to treat visual defects with drug therapy. So it is even more likely to say goodbye to glasses and optical lenses. The most advanced form of ILASIK treatment is ILASIK treatment. The advantages of ILASIK therapy are as follows;

Improves visual acuity quality.

This treatment method is easy and fast to apply.

It is possible to return to social life without glasses one day after the treatment.

It is a method applied with the latest technology that has received FDA approval.

This treatment method is applied according to the needs of the person and individually.

· It is computer controlled and no knife is used.

The thinness or thickness of the cornea is not important. It can be applied to any type of cornea.

Complications that may occur after the application are minimal.

It can be applied to both eyes at the same time.

Astigmatism is more difficult to treat than other visual disorders. However, it is also possible to correct astigmatism visual impairment with this application.

Who is ILASIK Treatment Applied to?

ILASIK surgeries are up-to-date, technology-supported, and personalized treatment methods. ILASIK surgery may not be suitable for every eye anatomy, because ILASIK surgery treats the condition of light reaching the retina by reshaping the corneal layer in the outermost part of the eye. The characteristics of the people to whom ILASIK surgery can be performed should be as follows;

• It is applied to patients who have completed the age of 18 and over the age of 18.

• The number of glasses and lenses should not have been improving for the last 1 year.

• It is necessary to have a comprehensive eye examination to understand that your eye structure is not suitable for treatment.

• The thickness or thinness of the corneal layer does not affect the application of this treatment.

• Eye surface maps are prepared for the examination of the eye cornea. In line with these examinations, ILASIK treatment is applied specifically to the needs of the patient. 

What Should Be Considered After ILASIK Laser Treatment?

The points to be considered after ILASIK laser treatment are as follows;

· It is necessary to protect the eyes from contact with water for the first 24 hours after the operation.

It is necessary to use the eye drops given by the ophthalmologist as recommended by the physician.

The ophthalmologist will plan the checks after this surgery. These inspections should not be delayed.

· It is possible to return to social life 24 hours after this application.


How is ILASIK Treatment Applied?

ILASIK treatment is a highly technological treatment method that removes eye defects and is completely personalized. ILASIK treatment is carried out by applying the following stages;

· Analyzing personal opinion; At this stage, eye characteristics are determined by the wavescan method and many tests. A 3-dimensional map of visual defects is created.

· Creating the ILASIK Flap; It is a bladeless method used for flap formation in the eye using the flap Intralase method. Corneal flap diameter, thickness, corneal attachment, centralization, and regularity are performed as planned.

· Personalized laser therapy; eye defects are treated with the “Advanced CustomVue” method at this stage. The “Advanced CustomVue” treatment method is an FDA-approved treatment method. With this treatment method

– More than 95% of myopic patients have successfully performed the driving test without using glasses and optical lenses.

– 98% of patients diagnosed with mild or high myopia achieved the best visual distance without using lenses.

– The views of patients diagnosed with mild or high myopia have improved day by day.

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