What is Stomach Botox?

Stomach Botox is a procedure done by injecting toxins into certain parts of the stomach. Compared to past periods, it is a new weight-loss method. Stomach botox is applied by injecting botulinum into the stomach. Stomach Botox is performed by endoscopic methods. This weight-loss method is aimed to prolong the hunger time of the stomach by limiting the contraction of the stomach muscles. Thus, the patient loses appetite and begins to lose weight. As the process continues, the stomach begins to shrink and can reach the saturation point with fewer portions of food. The purpose of stomach botox is to make patients lose weight without putting them at risk. This weight-loss method is a painless and painless procedure, the patient does not feel pain during and after the operation. The amount of botox applied varies according to the patient’s needs and the patient’s health status.

Who Can Be Applied to Stomach Botox?

Stomach Botox is not a surgical procedure. It is the preferred weight-loss method since the primary aim is not to put the patient at risk. However, stomach botox treatment can be applied in line with certain health problems of the patient. The conditions that the patient must meet are as follows;

• Inability to lose weight due to genetics or a specific reason,

• Not being able to lose weight with sports and diet,

• Not having a body mass index of 40 or above,

• Not being in the breastfeeding process,

• Not being pregnant,

• Not having health problems such as ulcers or gastritis (in patients with these problems should be eliminated first.)

• No allergy to Botox,

• Absence of any muscle disease,

• The risk of cancer in the stomach and the absence of cancer are the necessary criteria for gastric botox.

Are There Any Side Effects of Stomach Botox?

Patients who have stomach Botox begin to see the effect of the application between 2 and 3 days. 2-3 days after this method is applied, the feeling of hunger decreases. At the end of approximately 2 weeks, the patient begins to lose weight. This weight loss process continues between 4 months and 6 months after stomach Botox application. The weight loss process can end in 4-6 months because stomach Botox loses its effect within 4-6 months. Therefore, there are no known or detected side effects. If you are not allergic to Botox substances, you can also have stomach Botox. Since this process is applied to the smooth muscles of the stomach, there is no negative effect on the nervous or digestive system.

What Should Be Considered After Stomach Botox?

After stomach botox, the patient can return to his social life quickly, but there are points to be considered after stomach botox like every medical procedure. These points are as follows;

• Attention should be paid to eating habits,

• Foods that we know as packaged or fast food should be avoided.

• Excessive fat and carbohydrates should be avoided.

• Acidic drinks should be avoided.

• Consumption of products such as alcohol should also be avoided.

• A variety of nutrition should be given and physical exercises should be done in addition to a variety of nutrition.

• The weight loss target is set at a rate of 10-15%, this method may vary according to age, gender, and compliance with the diet.

• Attention should be paid to fluid consumption for a certain period.

How Is Stomach Botox Applied?

Since stomach botox is not a surgical procedure, anesthesia is not used, but there are certain construction stages. The application steps of stomach botox are as follows;

• Since it is done with the endoscopy method, the stomach is reached with the help of a hose from the mouth.

• Botox is injected into the relevant parts of the stomach.

• This process takes about 30 minutes.

• With this process, the contraction of the stomach muscles is prevented and thus the secretion of the hunger hormone is increased.

What are the Advantages of Stomach Botox?

Patients who cannot lose weight with diet and exercise prefer stomach botox application. Stomach botox application has many advantages besides the advantage of losing weight. The advantages of stomach botox are as follows;

· Since it is performed with endoscopic methods, there is no sign of summer on the body.

· Since there is no permanent change in the stomach or digestive system, it is usual to return within a certain period.

The risk of complications is less than gastric reduction surgeries.

Since the stomach botox injection usually loses its effect between 4-6 months, the stomach returns to its normal working order.

It is completed in about 30 minutes.

· As there is no need for hospitalization, the patient is discharged home after the necessary controls.


What are the Disadvantages of Stomach Botox?

The social life and health status of patients with weight problems are adversely affected. Obese patients who do not prefer the way of losing weight with surgical methods may prefer the method of losing weight with stomach botox. However, stomach botox has advantages as well as disadvantages. These disadvantages are as follows;

Although it helps patients lose weight in a certain period, it is not a permanent method.

· Since the duration of the effect is not permanent, patients may not reach the desired weight within/during the botox effect.

· It does not guarantee that the patient will lose weight, in addition, it is necessary to comply with exercise and diet programs.

· Although it may seem a small and easy application, it must be applied by experts

It is recommended that you decide with your doctor that stomach botox application is not suitable for you. This will be the healthiest decision-making method for you.

What is the Stomach Botox Costs?

Stomach botox application is one of the most frequently applied weight loss methods in Turkey for the last two years. The contraction of the stomach muscles is prevented up to a certain point by injecting botox material into the stomach, which takes about 30 minutes by descending into the stomach with endoscopic methods. Thus, it is an application that helps to lose weight. Stomach Botox price varies according to the institutions where you have gastric botox application. In other words, Stomach Botox application costs different in private practice and different in hospitals. Stomach Botox Price varies according to the quality of the botox material to be used. Pricing policies are different according to such situations. Therefore, your doctor will inform you of the most accurate price. You can visit our website for more information and contact the physicians and clinics we have contracted with.


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