We have entered to new year and new targets have been set; I will lose weight! While this is a classic goal, we hope you have successfully lost weight this year. Losing weight in a healthy way is a difficult process and it is difficult to maintain this weight. You will also see sagging – loose skin when too much weight is lost. Do not worry about these. There is always something to do for your sagging skin and excess fat.


I Have Loose Skin What Should I Do?


After losing weight, you can get rid of loose skin on your body with a few plastic surgery. Let’s give examples of some of these operations:

    • Face and Neck Lift: If you have loose skin or wrinkles on your face and neck after losing weight, you can use this operation option.

    • Breast Aesthetics: Weight gain loosens the muscles in the chest and may cause your breasts to sag. That’s why you can use breast lift and enlargement options.

    • Tummy Tuck (Abdominopolasty): After losing weight, you will see that there is loose skin especially in your abdominal area. You can get rid of sagging skin with this operation.

    •Arm and Leg Lift: As a result of losing weight, loose skin may occur especially in the upper arm and leg areas. In these cases, you can choose arm and leg lift operation.


After losing weight, you can use liposuction for excess fat that you cannot get rid of. Apart from all these, do not forget to listen to the recommendations of your dietician and doctor and to exercise while losing weight. You need to decide with your doctor whether you are suitable for the above mentioned operations.


Other Causes of Skin Sagging


Weight gain and loss is not the only reason for loose skin. Below are the reasons that cause sagging:

    • Aging is a process that affects our body both well and badly. During this process, you may experience skin and muscle loose.

    • You must make sunscreen a part of your life. Unprotected excessive exposure to the sun will cause skin sagging.

    • Smoking

    • Skin sagging can be seen after some diseases.

Regardless of the reason, it is possible to solve this loose skin problem with various plastic surgeries.


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