Cholesterol is a substance found in the body like fats and affecting the body.  And over a certain amount harms the body. Cholesterol can be the harbinger of many diseases. High cholesterol is a factor that can affect your eye health.

Causes of Cholesterol


The factors that cause cholesterol are as follows:

• Old age is a thing affecting to cholesterol.

• A sedentary lifestyle increases the cholesterol level.

• Consuming foods high in saturated and trans fats increases cholesterol levels.

In order to avoid cholesterol, it is necessary to avoid inactivity and malnutrition, especially in older ages. Consuming foods rich in fiber regulates your cholesterol levels. Do not smoke to keep away from ldl cholesterol and different health problems. Cholesterol also rises due to genetic reasons. If there are diseases such as lipoprotein lipase deficiency, hypertriglyceridemia and dyslipoproteinemia in the family, it may cause cholesterol.

Cholesterol is not something completely unhealthy. It is known that our body corrects substances such as vitamin D and hormones with cholesterol.


Effects of Cholesterol to Eye Health


Cholesterol affects our eye health directly or indirectly.

• High cholesterol causes type 2 diabetes and this type of diabetes triggers eye disorders.

• High cholesterol can form oil glands (Xanthelasma) around the eyes and if these glands become too large, it can affect the viewing angle. • •

• High cholesterol offers the chance of coronary heart assault and stroke. In those cases, transient or everlasting harm to the eyes can also additionally occur.

• High cholesterol also increases the risk of glaucoma.

• Renal artery occlusion is a condition caused by blood entering the retina and is affected by cholesterol.

• Cholesterol accumulation at the edge of the cornea creates a gray ring around the cornea.


Attention! For Eye Health


For eye health, regular eye examination should be done and necessary eye operations should be undergone. Early diagnosis provides an easy resolution of eye diseases. In addition, be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations when using glasses and lenses.

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