What You Should Do for a Beautiful Smile?




Smiling is the most beautiful act of a person. In this article, we will collect what needs to be done to make your smile beautiful. Apart from brushing teeth and using dental floss for dental health, there are also various operations. Below are the operations that will make your smile beautiful.



Dental Processes for Beautiful Smiles


• Teeth whitening process makes teeth look whiter than they actually are. It is usually applied to people with color change in their teeth.

• Dental implants are used by those who want to create a permanent color. Thanks to the implants, uneven teeth are shaped and a white touch is made.

• Bonding is also a type of implant and is easier to do than other types of implant. In this process, the teeth are not damaged and provide a white appearance.

• Braces are an application that can be worn from a young age and corrects the tooth structure.

• If your teeth are lost or are no longer repairable, you can try dentures.


Tips for a Beautiful Smile


• Do not forget to brush your tooth at the least two times a day.

• Avoid foods that contain too much artificial sugar and turn to fruits and proteins.

• Do not forget to go to the dentist every 6 months for good oral health and a beautiful smile. You can get rid of your caries, whiten your teeth and have other procedures. If you have crooked teeth or a jaw problem, you may want to consider getting braces.

Even if you are not aware of it, your oral health affects your life. If you want this influence to be good, you have to apply what we have mentioned above.

Benefits of Braces



Braces are generally thought to be a preferred method for people entering the age of puberty. However, the number of adults who do this practice is quite high. People often choose to wear braces because of its physical benefits. Braces provide both psychological and physical benefits in the long term. In this article, we will give you information about the benefits of braces.


Long-Term Benefits of Braces


 • Braces ensure that your lower and upper teeth are compatible. With compatible teeth, you can get healthier bites and have a diet that does not harm your digestive system.

 • The braces provide correction of the alignment of the jaw. Overcrowded teeth or improper positioning of the jaw can cause some speech impairments.

 • Regular teeth are easier to maintain than irregular teeth.

 • Having proper teeth ensures that person’s self-confident.

 • If the teeth are not regular, it is easy for plaque and food particles to get trapped between the teeth. Therefore, your gums will be healthier after braces.

 • Irregular teeth can damage each other and you can get rid of it with braces.

 • There is a decrease in cases such as teeth grinding and rubbing.

 • Injuries from protruding teeth or hitting teeth are reduced.

When Should I Get My Child Braces?


Dental examinations of children up to the age of 7 are recommended by experts. Braces for children are applied in different stages depending on the developmental stage of the child’s teeth. There are applications such as first braces and traditional braces. The treatment can take between 9 and 30 months depending on the situation.

Braces can also be used in adulthood. However, it can become a more difficult procedure as the age progresses. It is more appropriate to wear braces up to the age of 25. In cases aged 45 and over, braces are still applied, but it is known that there is difficulty compared to previous ages.

Invisible braces (Incognito) have also been used frequently today. These braces are placed at the back of the teeth and are not visible in the front. People who do not want the braces to be visible may prefer these braces. It is especially preferred by patients in adulthood.