For a man, a beard is a very important aesthetic element. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to beard care. If your beard spills or does not grow, you can use a beard transplant. You need to pay attention to beard care, whether it is transplanted or not. That’s why we want to give you a few tips on beard care.


Beard Care


The care products you can use for beard care are as follows:

 • Beard Soap: You can use soaps specially made for beard or you should pay attention to the content of soaps you buy.

 • Beard Oil: You can use specially made beard oil or argan oil for maintenance.

 • Mustache and Beard Comb: Try to especially prefer straight edged comb. Although the mustache and beard comb seems unnecessary, it actually makes it look more smooth and completes your care.

 • Shaver: You can use it to give your beard the appropriate look.

First of all, you should wash your beard because even if it does not show it, the beard can keep dirt and bacteria in it. You can use beard soap or beard wash gels for this. Later, you can apply care oils to your beard. Then use comb or brush for your beard. If your beard has grown, you can trim it after these stages if you want.

This care routine will save your beard from its messy appearance and give it a smoother and more attractive appearance. Pay attention to whether the products in your routine are suitable for your skin and beard type. If necessary, consult your hairdresser for your beard care.


What Should I Do For My Beard to Grow ?


Do you have little or no beard growth in some areas? So you can have a beard transplant operation. The hairs used for beard transplant are generally taken from other parts of the body. These hairs can be used from the back of the head, back, etc. It is normal to experience hair loss in the first few weeks after the beard transplant, and then it will look like your natural beard. Hair transplantation is done in a similar way and has a similar process.

Your beards will start to grow in the first 2 months and you will have a natural looking bushy beard in a period of like 6 months – 1 year. You can also apply the care products you apply to your natural beards on your new beards. Only use the products recommended by your doctor in the early stages of transplantation.

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