Some of our habits changed in 2020. Therewithal, the events we experienced affected us both physically and psychologically. 2020 also caused us to change aesthetically. That’s why we have compiled plastic surgery – asthetic options that will be popular throughout the year 2021.

Breast Aesthetics


Breast aesthetics has always been a popular plastic surgery and will continue to remain popular in 2021. Interest in breast augmentation and reduction surgeries will increase. In 2021, more natural looking and fuller breasts will be preferred. In addition, natural methods including fat transfer will come to the fore in these surgeries.


Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)


The introduction of masks into our lives also affected our nose shape. Skew in the nose, falling forward, etc. problems began to appear. Therefore, interest in nasal aesthetics will increase even more in 2021. Strong changes will be preferred instead of fillings. It is thought that noses with a more prominent nasal hump line will be preferred rather than a small nose.


Eye Aesthetics


After we started wearing masks, people’s eyes started to become more attractive. When the eye was the only place visible in the face, the beautiful eyes immediately caught the gaze. Almond eye surgery, under-eye filling, eyebrow lift, double eyelid etc. surgery options will be very popular.




With the quarantine effect, our range of action was restricted and naturally some excess fat was formed. Therefore, we can say that 2021 could be a liposuction year. We can list the most preferred areas for liposuction as follows:

• Abdominal

• Hip

• Sides – muffin top

• Lower back

• Upper arm and upper leg


Along with liposuction, it is thought that muscle and six pack surgeries will also attract attention.


Hair Transplant


We wanted to mention hair transplantation in plastic surgery. Hair began to attract attention along with the eyes. Therefore, people with hair problems will continue to turn to hair transplantation. Hair transplantation has become indispensable, especially for men, for almost the last 10 years. Along with hair transplantation, there may be an increase in beard transplantation.


We have compiled the most prominent aesthetic trends options for 2021 for you. We wish you a healthier and more aesthetic appearance in 2021 …

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